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Considering Hardwood Floors? Here's why Engineered Planks are Better for Boulder

Active families thrive in Boulder, but they can prove challenging for their home's flooring. We need stronger floors to hold up against all of that foot traffic, tracked snow, and hastily discarded gear.

Engineered wood planks are built for the task. In this post, we'll discuss why they're the best hardwood option for Boulder.


Engineered hardwood floors feature layers built around a stable core. This construction offers exceptional durability even after years of abuse. So feel free to toss your gear aside after an exhaustive day in the mountains; your floors can handle it.

Environmental Changes

This multi-layered design offers another benefit. Wood naturally expands as it absorbs moisture, and contracts with a lack of moisture. Traditional solid planks do the same. Frequent moisture exposures can compound the effect. Since it happens over time, you may not realize that all of that tracked snow is damaging your floors until it's too late.

Humidity and temperature changes have a similar effect. In fact, Boulder frequently falls below the recommended humidity level for solid planks (65%), especially during the colder months.


Solid hardwood floors present another challenge: they often allow spills (or, in Boulder's case, tracked snow) to seep into the subfloor. Over time, this can promote mold and mildew growth.

Some engineered hardwood floors include a completely watertight locking system. This prevents any spill from seeping below the planks, even if it's not cleaned right away.

Learn More

There are more hardwood flooring options than ever. If you're ready to make an informed choice for your home, visit Boulder's top flooring experts at Star Flooring & Design, Inc. today!

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